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Welcome to NJR Clinician Feedback

NJR Clinician Feedback is a resource available to all orthopaedic surgeons in England, Wales and Northern Ireland who undertake hip and knee replacement surgery and are registered with the National Joint Registry (NJR). It is delivered by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership as part of the NJR programme.


NJR Clinician Feedback is designed to provide orthopaedic surgeons with data and information relating to the care that has been delivered both by them and on their behalf and it enables an analysis of data within the wider context of hospital, sector (NHS and Independent Healthcare), and national benchmarks. It also provides a means of plotting data within a statistical control chart (funnel plot) enabling surgeons to view trends apparent from the data held by the NJR.


Data updates

The service is regularly updated and data are available for the following time periods:  

  • Volumetric data - 1st April 2003 to 31st March 2017
  • Funnel plot data - April 2003 to September 2016


Recent Changes and Additions:


Please be aware that the Consultant Level Report has been moved from the 'All Activity' tab to a new tab, 'Reports/Downloads'.  Under this tab there are three new tabs: 'Consultant Level Reports'; 'Price Benchmarking Reports'; Procedure Details Reports'.



Consultant Level Reports:  this tab contains the latest and all historic Consultant Level Reports.
Price Benchmarking Reports:   These reports, when implemented, will only be available to surgeons if your NHS Trust has subscribed to the Price Benchmarking service.  The service provides a comparison of the price of implants across the NHS, at both a Trust and surgeon level, linking the price to performance and outcomes.  
Procedure Details Report:   this is a brand new report and enables the download of all of primary procedures and the endpoint for each, ie, still viable, revised, or patient deceased.  The report can be filtered by joint type, procedure type, patient case mix, endpoint, and time. It can be be viewed either on-screen, downloaded as a pdf file, or downloaded as a spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet provides the most detailed data including, for example, details of what was revised, the indications for revision, and (for all procedures) the time from the primary procedure to the first change in endpoint.
Please note that the report does not necessarily provide the 'current' end state but the first change since the primary took place.  For example, if a patient has died after the revision of a primary procedure, the end state will be reported as 'Revised', not 'Deceased'.

If you have any queries about the reports or wish to make suggestions about how they could be improved, please do not hesitate to contact either the NJR Centre directly or your local Regional Coordinator.

Use of data

Do you wish to use Clinician Feedback statistics for presentations, reports and other publications?  In quoting or publishing screen shots from Clinician Feedback we request that you reference the National Joint Registry and state, in order to make clear, the time period covered, procedures included and any other filters that have been applied to the data using Clinician Feedback.  This is particularly important if the information is in the public domain.  Where possible, include a link to so that the audience are able to seek out further context and information on published joint replacement statistics.


Browser compatibility

Please note that this site currently supports Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 and Google Chrome only.



Contact us / User name and password re-sets

If you require any further support, a re-set for your username or password or would like to share your feedback about the service, please contact the NJR Service Desk on 0845 345 9991 or email


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